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Eastern Services

The leader of air exports in Jordan with 24 hours working offices at Queen Alia International Airport to serve valued customers for air freight exports and imports. Eastern Services is one of the top packing and removals providers in the market, working with international standards through an extensive worldwide network.

Eastern International Clearance and Transport

With its 9 branches in the major customs terminals around Jordan we serve our top VIP customers to import, export and transit their shipments in very fast, reliable and efficient manner. Eastern Clearance offices at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman Customs Land Terminal and Aqaba Port serve customers shipments by air, land, and sea. The other 6 branches serve the main free zone and industrial areas in Jordan.

Eastern Travel and Tours

The leading business-to-business online hotels and services bookings systems in the market. Eastern Travel & Tours has retained its professional position since its establishment in 1982. We serve a wide range of corporate accounts in Jordan and the surrounding countries. Our clients in the industry are supporting our high end upgraded systems.

APS – The GSA House

Fully dedicated cargo GSA house with independent offices at the Cargo Agents Building at Queen Alia International Airport Cargo section. The professional dedicated staff for sales and operations provide our Airline clients comprehensive cargo GSA services. We have strong presence in the air freight market, leading edge information technology, transparent polices, analysis and evaluations capabilities.
APS The GSA house is a member of the Federation of Airline General Sales Agents.

Our Team

Husam Samandar

Group General Manager

Ammar Jaradat

Air Freight Exports Manager

Jubran Salameh

Group Finance Manager

Enas AlTurk

Customs Clearance Manager

Suha Samandar

Packing & Removals Manager

Mueen Abdallah

Imports Manager

Amani Qassim

Travel General Manager

Esmat Azzam

Cargo GSA Sales Manager

Our Strategical Strength

Access to the Market

In the world of cargo movement the Eastern name stands out, because over the years Eastern services has been based on the principle that we handle the freight ourselves. Eastern freight enjoys Eastern professionalism. We deal with thousands of consignments both large and small, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Eastern offers the whole world of international transportation or just one small part as we have tailored our services to the individual needs of our clients, both large and small, so our clients can rely on Eastern to deliver their shipments promptly and professionally.

Service Reliability

To ensure Eastern customers’ expectations are more than matched by our experience, Eastern has invested heavily in modern systems and facilities, and far more importantly, in the quality and performance of its people. Highly dedicated trained people with enthusiasm and ability to serve the customers’ needs and to find the correct solutions to their problems ensuring the high level of reliability for freight movements.

With Eastern; customers can be certain our service is right, because our people are right.

Control and Monitoring

We promise our customers, and they surely know that Eastern keep its promises. Every piece of cargo is constantly monitored to ensure that the delivery schedule and the customers’ requirements are met. Whatever the cargo, when Eastern handles it, our customers can be sure it will be monitored and controlled from the moment we collect it to the moment we deliver it safely to its final destination.


Eastern has built up the volume of traffic with the world’s top carriers, where we enjoy significant economies of scale in purchasing cargo space. Our relationships with the carriers have always been smooth and professional, so that, today, our dealings have become a matter of great importance to both parties. In this way we ensure that Eastern customers get the very best rates available but, of course, without a resultant drop in service levels.

We, in Eastern, pass on to our customers every economy we achieve to ensure that we keep our competitive edge consistently sharp.

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